Here’s something we would like you to know about us

Here’s something we would like you to know about us

We are no ordinary caravan rental business

We started off with the brands Karavany Česko and Anywhere Campers, who have already been around for 7 years with a comfort caravan hires Adria and a possibility of one-way trip across Europe. Behind our rental shop is a team of dedicated people, led by our CEO Miloslav Novák, who work together to make the most of your holiday dreams and ideas.

We also have an extensive experience of campsites in our country and across Europe and felt there is a demand for a quality campsite in Prague. That is why we have decided to develop a new campsite project on Císařská louka – Praguecamp the best place you will ever visit when travelling with your caravan or trailer.

Need to clarify anything? Do you have any questions about availability, vehicles or your travel? Whether you write or call us, we look forward to it.

+420 733 739 758

Infoline is available to you weekdays between 9AM – 5PM.

Karavany Česko is a member of the Airwaynet a.s. family:
Hládkov 920/12, 169 00 Prague 6
IČ: 61058068 | DIČ: CZ61058068