The winter season is in full swing!

The winter season is in full swing!

Temperatures are dropping below zero and the inches of mountain snow are slowly increasing. That can only mean one thing – it’s time to start planning your winter break! For most people, winter holidays are associated with skiing.

If you are a lover of the white trails, downhill or alpine skiing, the Czech Republic is where you will definitely have an abundance of all to choose from – more than 600 km of downhill trails, not to mention a number of cross-country trails. For example there are 10 year-round campsites in the Czech Republic, and our partner “Bezkempu” has more than 300 places suitable for winter camping – lands that you can reach without fear of getting stuck in the snow even in Winter.

But of course you can visit ski resorts all over Europe. Drive to the Austrian Alps, to the Tyrolean glacier – to Kitzbühl, try to go down the Mausefalle (85% slope). If you want to go beyond our country, there is no problem – visit the Italian Dolomites or relax in Zermatt, Switzerland.

To the mountains with camper

If you want to combine your sports activities with exploring the Czech landscape, we have a tip for you – go on a winter holiday in a camper! Every morning you will wake up with a new view and what’s more, if you are not satisfied with the skiing conditions in a particular location, you will simply go elsewhere (a great advantage are the short distances between individual ski resorts in the Czech Republic). In addition to flexibility, the great advantage of caravan travel is safety. You can only spend time with your family, and if you don’t want to, you don’t have to come into contact with other people at all.

What’s in the price?

You can look forward to a fully equipped winter-ready motorhome (including bed linen, kitchen utensils, towels…), highway stamps, a camping set and grill, and much more! Enjoy freedom with unlimited mileage.

Winter tires and snow chains

2 gas cylinders for heating, hot water and cooking

Winter set of duvets and sheets

Heated garage, water and waste tank.
Floor insulation

Possibility to provide ski equipment and a spacious garage

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Long-term winter rentals

Long-term winter rentals

For this winter season, we have prepared a unique service for adventure lovers. From October 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022, you can rent our motorhomes for 2 or 4 months at discounted daily rates!


Whether you are going to the mountains or following warm weather, our campers are fully equipped for you and ready for all the adventures! Of course, winter tires, snow chains, gas heating or jump leads are included. Skis and bicycles can fit in the garage. Discover the benefits of long-term rental!

Choose how long you want to be on road

Our rentals include assistance services throughout the EU, as well as an infoline or “friend on the phone” in case of any questions.

Rentals for 2 months
– Set out to discover the beauty of Europe – drive up to 5000 kilometers.

Daily rate: 1490 CZK with VAT

Rentals for 4 months
– Discover Europe without limits – unlimited kilometers for your trips!

Daily rate: 990 CZK with VAT

Advantages of long-term rentals

You can be on the road all the time or you can go on trips and always park your car at our depot in Prague. What are the benefits of at our depot?

  • Your car is ready at any time for further trips – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You can leave things in the car, there is no need for moving out and moving in.
  • You do not have to look for parking – with us it has a reserved place in the depot in the parking lot.
  • The car will be connected to electricity during parking.
  • When parking in the depot, you have facilities for filling water, draining grey water or emptying the toilet.
  • Possibility to refill toilet chemistry, towels…
  • Possibility to arrange car care in times of frost – check water discharge and check battery condition. 

Rental conditions:

  • Maximum two drivers.
  • It is not allowed to rent campers to third parties.
  • When renting for 2 months, mileage limitation.
  • Notice of departure from the car park required.
  • You are responsible for the things stored in the motorhome.

Renting for 2 or 4 months doesn’t suit you?

We will be happy to price a different length for you individually, just leave us a message and we will make an appointment in person.


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All bookings for next year closed until 31/12/2021 are for this year’s prices!

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