Where to go on summer holidays during coronavirus

Despite the current situation and global events with coronavirus, you can still plan your summer break safely and worry-free. It is possible – but how you ask? Is there even a chance to go on holiday and stay protected from any infection? We invite you to join the world of caravanning. Caravan rental is a great solution with several advantages and here’s your summary:


10 reasons why (not only) this year is best to holiday with a caravan:


1. Freedom and independence – do what you want

Thanks to a caravan, you can peacefully explore the beauty of not just our beautiful country with your entire family. Even those locations you might have never heard about. Going on a holiday in a caravan means going wherever you like and an “overnight stay” in places that you fancy at the time. Additionally, you don’t have to say no to any of your favourite summer activities – whether its sightseeing, being active or relaxing and resting. All of this can be accomplished within days and it is only your decision, with how many people you will come in contact with. You can camp without anyone around in small camp sites, or utilise this lifestyle to the maximum and stay overnight in caravan-safe parking.

2. Avoid big and tourist-heavy cities – Venice can wait

Coronavirus might be spreading, but it hasn’t reached everywhere. At Anywhere Campers, our caravans can be handed over to you anywhere in Europe but also within the Czech Republic. An added bonus is that you can return it back to us on the other side of the continent. Don’t want to head South? Then head North! Scandinavia is full of beautiful scenery and wild nature where you’ll get to relax a lot more than a busy city full of tourists. Don’t want to travel that far? Stay in Bohemia or Moravia, our beautiful country is full of unprecedented and charming places.

3. Luxurious hotel room on four wheels

A caravan is a luxurious hotel room that you take everywhere with you and the ones we offer to you are of absolutely the highest comfort possible, easily comparable to any private B&B.
Fully equipped kitchen, private shower and facilities and a very, very comfy bed – well actually, two ‘king size’ beds that can host four travellers! What’s more to ask. For this year we’ve also prepared something new to increase your travel comfort. We’ve expanded our fleet with caravans with automatic transmission.


 4. Don’t stay in one spot

With your house on wheels there are no limits to your imagination. You have a unique opportunity to fulfil your dreams and go places you always wanted to go. Believe that by doing that, you won’t be missing crowded hotels and the daily struggle for deck chairs on the beach. You can be on a beautiful, secluded beach one day and then be 100 miles away the next day trying out canyoning in the mountains. Or even better – imagine a morning skiing on an iceberg and an afternoon swim in the sea – we’d recommend France for that.

5. Hygiene comes as number one in our caravans

Our cars go through the strictest service including thorough and very strong disinfection. We hand over every car to our customers always in a proud state – as if they just came off the production line. Additionally, new cars are purchased for every season.
Thanks to being completely self-sufficient in your caravan (aka motor home) and the fact that you have all the comfort and equipment you are accustomed to from home, you will never have to rely on the public sanitary facilities. We did not want to admit it, but from a certain point of view, a motor home is a mobile toilet :))

We leave the rest up to you – as there are many instructions and recommendations for personal hygiene everywhere, this is not the place to burden you with it.


6. Don’t panic!!!

Caravanning can be considered one of the safest ways to travel these days. Our team will advise you the best places to go, things to see, where to fuel up and more.. We have over 10 years of experience and have made unforgettable holiday experiences possible for more than 8,000 travellers. With our caravans you really don’t have to worry. If you do, we are here for you 24/7 on the phone.

7. Have high standards

We will fulfil any of your wishes, we promise! Our cars are fully equipped, from hand sanitiser, a sponge for dishes to a complete dining service and dishes. You can also leave towels at home, because we have those ready for you too! We will also include bicycles for the whole family, a barbecue and of course – some much-needed outdoor seating. Our caravans have enough space for fishing rods and even to fit a scooter or motorbike in its own garage! In other words, when renting our caravans, you only need to take your clothes and get on. Oh, if you really insist on having satin bed sheets, we’ll arrange for that too!

8. Kids, kids, kids – yet again!

We don’t exaggerate when we say that kids will love you for providing them the ‘caravan’ experience. Imagine those wide-eyes and open mouths when sliding down the electronically controlled bed (just be aware that they’ll be hard to get out of the caravan at first) and astonishment that there is a mobile toilet available (including toilet paper) and a shower on board… Prepare for, “Look, mum, there is a normal kitchen, and look – also a fridge “… 😊 and the experiences they will have! Just consider this one fair warning. It is very addictive and children will want to repeat their first road trip experience at least once more… so just be aware.

9. Just take the one-way road.

It is true what’s being said – we are the only rental company in Europe where you do not have to return the car to the same location where you rented it from. So if you do not want to do a round-trip sightseeing tour, but you want to set off for Svalbard in Norway (one of the top observation sites for Northern Lights) and at the same time you do not want to drive back the same way (you already rode it once, right)? Leave the caravan for us at Oslo Airport, take your bag and head home by plane in just a few hours by air. Good, right?

10. Oh we did notice that we only listed 9 reasons. 😊 In reality there are countless of them. In fact, your holidays can be the way you want them to be.


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