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How does the one-way rental work?

The easiest explanation is that the client begins and ends his vacation in different destinations. When picking up the camper, our driver is there to train the client, shows them how to operate the vehicle correctly and where to find all the equipment.

Our driver is present again when returning the camper. He checks the whole vehicle and takes it over from the client. Both meetings can be arranged anywhere, for example at the airport, at the hotel, etc.

The advantage of a one-way rental is time and money savings. There is no need to travel back to the Czech Republic from remote locations such as Scandinavia, thus saving the client fuel, and money on tolls and ferries. The most important thing, however, is to save time spent crossing, which the client can use to travel around the desired destination.

The only other cost is one-way airplane tickets, which can be bought starting on several hundred crowns.

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The price includes VAT and is valid from 1.1.2022.

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