Holidaying in Czechia means wandering through wine trails

Have you been saddened by the fact that you will have to give this year’s holiday abroad a miss due to Covid-19? There is no reason for that! On the contrary, this is the perfect time to try something new and to explore the beauty that Czech Republic has to offer!

Above average temperatures, fertile grounds that allow this wine region to thrive and unique architecture awaits you in the south of Moravia. Mikulov region was already described years ago by the poet Jan Skácel as a piece of Italy transferred to South Moravia and we can only agree. With over 760 wineries and wine cellars scattered throughout the picturesque landscape, there is a lot you get to choose from. What is the ideal way of wandering through wine trails? All aboard a campervan!

Wake up to a different view every morning

By taking your accommodation with you, you can plan each day in a different location. If a place captures you with its charm, you can stay there for a few extra days. But if you like to keep on moving, you can spend every night in a different place of your choosing. A place worth visiting we would recommend is the family winery Škrobák in Čejkovice or the winery Sonberk in nearby Popice village.

Not only will the wine lovers appreciate this, but the architecture lovers will too. Due to the Sonberk winery being built in a modern style and being set in the terrain between vineyards, it offers an unforgettable view of the vineyards and the Pálava Hills. Our last tip is the Krásná hora winery in Starý Poddvorov, which specialises in the production of dry wines of the highest quality grown organic grapes.

On two wheels among vineyards

Exploring wine trails has been connected with cycling particularly in recent years – thanks to the 1200 km long network of wine trails available, every cyclist will find their own. Whether it’s the flatness of Znojmo region, slightly undulating landscape of the Blue Mountains, vineyards on steep slopes of Pálava and much more. You can look forward to the picturesque villages with their own cellar lanes, historical monuments, viewing towers and restaurants offering a variety of regional specialties prepared in line with the original traditional recipes. After your exploring, it is easy to store the bikes in the garage part of your caravan and continue your wine tasting at the local vineyards. A glass of wine or two after a full day on your bike will make it all that more enjoyable.

At the campsite or within vineyards

The two synonyms you could use to describe caravans traveling definitely are freedom and flexibility. Modern motorhomes also offer complete autonomy, where choices on where to spend the night south of Moravia (campsite or so called ‘wilderness’ style?) are limitless.

‘Wilderness’ style camping in a suitable place in a meadow or by a pond, is a guarantee of an authentic real experience that would not be possible in a classic campsite. When looking for that perfect overnight place, a great helper is the app, which maps paid, private lands suitable for camping. If you were wondering if it’s possible to spend the night between the vineyards, you will be happy to know, it is!


What about you? Are you tempted to go on holiday with a caravan this year? Which Bohemian region would you chose?