5 tips for enjoyable holidays even with more than two caravans

Two are better than one as we all know. In addition to the experiences of our customers, who have rented 2 caravans at once and set out on joint adventures, we provide you with practical tips that will certainly come in handy on your travels.

1) Children love caravans and when you head out with friends who have children of the same or, at least, similar age, they will entertain each other. Oh and yes, this is applicable to any way of spending a holiday. The advantage of caravans is that you are not dependent on one place. One day you can let the kids out on the Šumava meadows, the next could be a walk through a rock town, a bike ride or a swim. Once you have exhausted the possibilities of any given location, you simply go elsewhere. Our Adria caravans comfortably fit two child seats, which can be attached to the isofix. Then there you go off to another adventure.


HINT:Place the seat of a smaller child against the window/side wall, as his legs will be up and won’t be bothered by the long side bench, which is at the table. Before installing the child seats, just make sure to remove the zipped padding, and then both children will fit comfortably next to each other with all the comfort they need.

2) Caravan independence is not just an empty phrase. You are able to have a hot shower anywhere, anytime. Same goes for a lunch, a glass of chilled wine or beer – again anytime, anywhere. To add to your independence, our caravans have a 140l water tank, which can last you up to 2-3 days even with 4-member crew’s daily showers and other day-to-day water usage (including washing dishes). If you are not connected to the mains, the fridge and freezer will automatically switch to gas supply. The gas is also used for the caravan‘s heating, which is suitable for any cold evenings you might come across, for example, in the mountains. The caravan can be heated to 25°C in just a couple of minutes. Our caravans also have a second battery power, so there is no need to be connected to the mains all the time. As only LED lights and USB ports draw power from the battery, you will last 3-4 days without having to be connected to the mains. As for gas, our tanks will last up to 5 days in full use (which includes hot water, fridge, freezer, and heating).

HINT: The water tank gets filled in 5 minutes for which you use the hose that is part of every caravan’s equipment. Drinking water can be filled up either at petrol stations or, as we have seen many times before, at almost every hotel / bed & breakfast. If you ask politely, they are usually happy to help you out for a small fee. The gas can be refilled at a petrol station as part of a conventional LPG pump. To recharge a battery, an hour’s drive or the engine running is enough to help with that and will last you for another 2 days.

3) Travel through the picturesque views of Czech Republic or Europe like never before. Believe that this will be an unforgettable road trip. You always have everything you need at hand. You are self-sufficient and have countless opportunities for different ways of camping. There are almost 600 campsites in the Czech Republic (mostly in the south of Bohemia) for you to use and their standards of quality are getting closer and closer to the ones in Europe each year. Did you know that the country with the most campsites in Europe is France with 8,000 sites? If camping with people is not for you and you and wish to have your own privacy and peace, then the www.bezkempu.cz project may just be the one for you. Thanks to this website you can arrange camping on a private land throughout the Czech Republic with various service options. For the tougher road trippers, we recommend the global Park4night app, which allows you to find all available places for parking with a caravan – these include parking lots, campsites, paved areas or camping in the wild. We personally tried all of the above with a conclusion for a final rating that says: all simply excellent 😊. You might be as lucky as we were when one of the landowners took our children on horseback ride…

HINT: The Park4night app will expand the possibilities of caravan camping not only in the Czech Republic, but also throughout Europe. The website www.bezkempu.cz will offer countless magical places in the Czech Republic with various options for on-site services. Basically, it works a lease of a car parking space on private land, which could look like a simple meadow, but could also be a vineyard.. 😊

4) Why not arrange to set off in two caravans with your friends? Whether you have children or not, you will really enjoy this great adventure! The advantage of a joint holiday, if you are bringing kids on board, is that you can swap days to babysit. But as previously mentioned, kids will have fun and will easily entertain themselves if there are more of them. This trip will take you on travels through many regions and you do not have to look for accommodation or book in advance. You have everything you need on board with you – which includes our outdoors camping sets with a barbeque. This will provide a very good service to you when sitting out or dining out in nature or on any paved area really (a car parks will suffice). You can take turns to cook with your friends and show off your on-road culinary skills 😊 Additionally, you can fit up to 4 bikes in the storage space or on the carrier. If you are a keen and active cyclist and are holidaying in a pair, you can take both the road and mountain bikes with and enjoy both on your road trip!

HINT: Don’t forget about charcoal, otherwise there won’t be much of the barbeque on your travels. It can also be good to dish something up in advance for the beginning of your trip and then just heat it up on the road. The fridge is very spacious and the garage can hold countless wines and beers, which you can easily restock. You can also leave the washing detergents, towels, etc. at home, as our caravans are equipped from A to Z.

5) Just a driver’s license category B is needed. Really, the caravan, although 2.8m high and almost 8m long, drives the same as a van would. You are long and tall, but thanks to a higher posture you have a perfect view. The rear-view mirrors are large and offer a view of all the angles, thanks to which you have an excellent sight of what is happening behind the vehicle. Of course, be prepared for when a crosswind blows into you (for example on the highway) you will really feel it. Driving a caravan is not best suited in any wild riding on small roads either, no kids or stomach sensitive adults would particularly be happy about it. You can relax on the highway as 130 km/h with cruise control is a smooth ride. If you are interested in efficiencies, then you will be happy to know our caravans consume around 10l per 100km, which we think is a great usage. Also don’t forget that Karavany Česko owns only new caravans with the highest standard and level of equipment available.

TIP: Although our caravans have parking sensors, we always recommend you have your passenger go out of the caravan when reversing and in case of any uncertainty parking uncertainty. It is easier for them to navigate and instruct you, as you might think you have the length of the caravans covered, but you may forget about your caravan height (trees, roofs, etc. .)


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